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Do not hesitate to contact us should you be working from home, or other remote location, as some data recovery and digital forensics services can be done remotely. This will typically include deleted, lost or corrupt files, and directories, formatted drives etc.

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Digital Forensic Investigations

Typical Scenarios:-

  • An Employee:
    • emails confidential information to your competitors or deletes confidential information and you need to know what data was on that computer and what happened to the data;
    • is selling your stock on the side or "moonlighting"...;
    • visits websites forbidden by company policy and delete the evidence;
    • misuses company assets by storing movies etc. on the servers/computers and deletes the evidence ...
  • You Purchase A Going Concern:
    • Only to find that vital financial and other crucial data and programs have been deleted;
    • suspecting that the financial figures provided do not reflect the actual status of the company.
    • All negative publicity/correspondence etc. have been deleted ...

What Is A Data Forensic Analysis / Investigation?

  • Typically the process determining, extracting (recovering) and reporting from an electronic data device:-
    • What files and other data (i.e. documents, emails, databases etc.) that were deleted and when.
    • When last was the computer and files accessed.
    • Where, when and from whom were emails sent and received.
    • What emails were deleted and when?
    • What programs that were deleted or uninstalled and when.
    • What websites were visited and when?
    • Files and other data protected by a password, encryption, compression or other methods.

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